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    The webshop for the hearing impaired

    AllesVoorOren specialises in everything to do with ears. We have been doing this with great pleasure since 2010. AllesVoorOren was the first webshop to start selling products for the hearing impaired on a large scale via the Internet. At first, only accessories for hearing aids, telephones for the hard of hearing and alarm clocks for the hard of hearing, including vibrating alarm clocks and flashing alarm clocks. And later also the cleaning wipes for hearing aids, among other things.

    In addition, we are the webshop for Cochlear products so that this relatively small group of hearing-impaired people can also come to us for their Cochlear implant parts.

    First from our branch in Zaandam and when that became too small, we continued in our branch in Hoorn. From beautiful Hoorn, we ship thousands of packages to customers all over the world every month.

    Whether it's a Phonak filter or an aid for tinnitus, you can find it at AllesVoorOren. But of course we also supply hearing aids from various top brands. All this needs to be powered, which is why we have a large range of batteries for hearing aids.

    Proper and timely shipping of items is our top priority. Because we know better than anyone else that if your hearing aid is faulty or you need a part, you'd rather get it today than tomorrow. We always do our utmost to deliver your order quickly.

    Our goal is to serve customers quickly and well with a nice and wide range of products that are really useful. We regularly have new products tested by people who also wear hearing aids, for example. This way we know for sure that you are not buying a pig in a poke. This is reflected in our product descriptions, which we try to keep as accurate as possible. Also read through our frequently asked questions, often you will find an answer to your question there.

    And if you still have any questions, our ladies and gentlemen in customer service will be happy to help. Via e-mail, chat or phone.

    Have fun shopping.

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