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    SmartShaker 3 Vibrating Alarm Clock

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    SmartShaker 3 Vibration Alarm Clock: Bluetooth Alarm with Multiple Alarm and Vibration Settings, Long Battery Life, Call and Message Notifications; Designed for Heavy Sleepers, Deaf Individuals, and Seniors.... Show more

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    Product description

    The SmartShaker 3 Vibrating Alarm Clock - What features does this wireless vibrating disc have?

    The SmartShaker 3 is the successor to the SmartShaker 2. This wireless bed shaker with a vibrating alarm is designed for everyone. The Smart Shaker 3 is suitable for all types of sleepers, whether light or heavy, as the vibration strength can be easily adjusted among 5 different levels. This wireless vibrating alarm clock is perfect for heavy sleepers, deep sleepers, the deaf, seniors, elderly individuals, children, teenagers, students, and anyone who needs an extra kick to wake up and get out of bed.

    Multiple alarms and highly customizable

    You can schedule multiple alarms on your smartphone using the Smart Shaker 3 app. Through the app, you can create multiple alarms, select the vibration strength (5 levels), customize alarm days, and toggle on/off for individual alarm settings.

    This wireless vibrating alarm clock even goes off when your phone is turned off, as the Smart Shaker 3 stores all your settings in the device. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Notifications and Alerts

    The Smart Shaker 3 LED indicators display the battery life of the alarm, as well as alerts for incoming calls, messages, and social media notifications. The white LED lights indicate the battery level, while the green flashing LED lights indicate any incoming notifications.

    You can customize the various notifications from your smartphone as per your preferences.

    Wake Up Without Sound

    Conventional alarm clocks often emit loud and unpleasant beep sounds that are sure to wake up your partner or roommate. The Smart Shaker 3 ensures that even the heaviest, deepest sleepers can wake up through its powerful vibrations without disturbing the person next to them. Simply place the Smart Shaker 3 under your pillow and wake up with a strong vibration without bothering your partner or roommate.

    An Excellent Vibrating Alarm Clock for Children

    We understand that mornings can be a challenge for schoolchildren, especially heavy sleepers. Children tend to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep or ignore the loud buzzing alarm at dawn. This compact bedside vibrating alarm clock helps break that pattern. The Smart Shaker 3 is simply the best alarm clock for kids and teenagers.

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    SmartShaker 3 Vibrating Alarm Clock
    € 67,95
    SmartShaker 3 Vibrating Alarm Clock
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