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    Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax Guard

    € 8,25 3-6 days
    Cerushield filters for Phonak's Paradise series speakers. This Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax Guard is also suitable for Unitron's speakers from the Discover series onwards.... Show more
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    Product description

    Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax Guard filters

    Phonak CeruShield filter is Phonak's new earwax protection system designed as an easy-to-use dispensing wheel. (Disk)

    The CeruShield disc consists of:

    • 8 Filter on a special disc
    • 8 positions for easy removal of used wax filters

    These filters from Phonak for the Marvel and Paradise hearing aids protect the speaker from earwax problems and offer you a longer wearing time between filter changes due to the larger collection system.

    Totally newly designed Phonak CeruShield Disk filters

    These filters are designed to be used with the new 4.0 speakers from the Marvel series onwards and are NOT compatible with older versions of Phonak or Unitron speakers.

    So how do you replace the filters of a Marvel of Paradise RITE device? Watch the video below:

    Order your Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax Filters online at


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    5 from 5

    Had ze van de audicien gehad wilde een voorraadje

    Posted by: Ans on 19 April 2024
    4 from 5

    Doen der werk goed

    • +Goedkoper als de spaeksaver
    • -Jammer dat ik het zelf moet bekostigen
    Posted by: Bob on 16 April 2024
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    1 blister van 8 stuks
    3-6 days
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