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    Oticon TV adapter 3.0 - Watching TV with Oticon Hearing Instruments - Wireless

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    Oticon TV adapter 3.0 you can connect directly to your wireless hearing aids. Available from the Velox Platform. Stereo sound directly into your hearing aids.... Show more

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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    Product description

    Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 - Wireless and stereo.

    Even with the very latest and best hearing aids, it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy your favourite TV programme or film. With the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0, you can listen to TV wirelessly with your hearing aids. Thanks to the powerful Velox chip in the latest generation of hearing aids, you can hear stereo sound in DolbyDigital wirelessly in your hearing aids.

    Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 what can I do with it?

    With the TV Adapter 3.0, you can enjoy stereo sound from the television or entertainment centre without the need for a neckloop or extras and send it directly to your 2.4 Ghz Oticon hearing aids. Up to a distance of 15 metres, you will enjoy stereo and Dolby Digital sound. Ideally, you can just keep track of the sound from the kitchen, for example. It works up to 15 metres away.

    The TV adapter can be connected to almost any audio device with the included cables. Your hearing aids turn into a wireless stereo headset, so to speak.

    Pairing this TV aid from Oticon is very simple. We try to explain this below. All you need is one or 2 hearing aids from Oticon that are suitable. You can use most Oticon hearing aids sold from 2017 onwards for this. If you have any doubts, always contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you make your choice.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the Oticon TV adapter also for Audika hearing aids. This product is only suitable for hearing aids with 2.4ghz capabilities that actually carry the Oticon brand name.

    How do I connect the Oticon TV adapter 3.0 to my hearing aids?

    You can pair this product yourself very easily with your Oticon hearing aids. You don't need the hearing care professional for this. The manual provided explains step-by-step how it works. You can also watch a video tutorial at for pairing.

    Note: Only suitable for Oticon hearing aids that work on the Velox platform such as the OPN and SIYA , More and succeeding hearing aids.

    Order your Oticon TV adapter 3.0 extra cheaply from our website.

    Oticon TV adapter 3.0 manual


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    5 from 5Based on 18 reviews
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    5 from 5

    Eindelijk rustig tv kijken waarbij je alles verstaat. En met de Oticon app kan je het zo instellen, dat je ook nog met je omgeving kan communiceren, ofwel je afsluiten van de omgeving. Prima.

    • +Makkelijk om hoortoestellen te koppelen
    • +Reikwijdte voldoende
    • +via doorlussen met een optische kabel kan je ook nog een ander apparaat aansluiten. Bijv. in mijn geval een Phonak TV adapter
    • +Instellen hoortoestellen op Oticon TV adapter kwestie van ander programma kiezen. Super handig
    Posted by: Roland on 4 April 2024
    5 from 5

    We hadden wat problemen met opstarten maar nu werkt het prima en zijn best tevreden.

    Posted by: C. J. A. Van den Oetelaar on 5 March 2024
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    Oticon TV adapter 3.0 - Watching TV with Oticon Hearing Instruments - Wireless
    € 133,99
    Oticon TV adapter 3.0 - Watching TV with Oticon Hearing Instruments - Wireless
    TV Streamer 3.0
    Ordered before 4:00 PM? Shipped immediately on working days *
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