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    Behear SMARTO - Help with hearing - Streamer

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    Smarto is a simple yet powerful personal hearing amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity. Call and understand speech like never before... Show more

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    No hearing amplifier on the market can compare to the sound quality, ease of use, customization, or overall functionality of the BeHear SMARTO. Specially designed for those requiring significant amplification with minimal hassle, SMARTO provides users with what they need most: a simple way to stay connected to conversation.

    Directional microphones for conversation focus

    One of the major complaints among individuals with hearing loss is the inability to follow conversations in noisy environments. With a press of a button, SMARTO's beamforming feature focuses on sound coming from a specific direction. Users can choose to concentrate on the speech of a particular person or group by simply pointing SMARTO in the relevant direction and selecting narrow or omnidirectional focus.

    Bluetooth connection for mobile calls and audio streaming

    Once SMARTO is paired with a smartphone, it can handle mobile phone calls and play music, podcasts, conference calls, etc. The phone can be placed nearby in a pocket or bag or left on a table (no need to hold it). Functions such as call answering/rejecting/ending, volume up/down, and treble/bass tone control are supported through the buttons on the front of the SMARTO device, significantly simplifying communication for the user.

    Enjoy clear and sharp dialogue in TV programs

    More than just a personalized amplifier, support for Qualcomm apt-X low-latency audio streaming turns it into an ideal TV listening system. The user no longer needs to raise the TV volume to understand dialogue. For TVs without Bluetooth support, we offer the HearLink PLUS transmitter (available separately) that connects to the TV's audio output (analog or optical/digital) and directly transmits TV audio to the SMARTO headset.

    One-touch emergency call button

    If the user falls or becomes immobile in any way, they can press and hold the CALL button on SMARTO to initiate a call to a predefined number. This makes it easy for the wearer to get help and provides built-in peace of mind for family members.

    The optional SMARTO feature lock prevents accidental operation. Particularly useful for individuals with dexterity issues or dementia, through the BeHear app, it's possible to determine which SMARTO functions are activated/deactivated. This prevents confusion and frustration for the user.

    Better hearing, even in challenging situations

    Understanding and hearing speech is much more difficult when the speaker has their back turned, is in another room, or is wearing a mask. SMARTO tackles these hearing challenges with its sensitive microphones, noise-cancellation technology, and speech clarification capabilities.

    Masking Tinnitus

    If you experience continuous or spontaneous ringing, roaring, or other internal sounds in your ears, you likely suffer from tinnitus. An effective sound therapy in alleviating tinnitus symptoms is called 'masking.' This involves creating an artificial sound that masks your tinnitus to make it less bothersome.

    The key to successful masking is creating a sound that matches the phantom sound you hear. As you're in the best position to personalize the masking sound yourself, we provide simple and intuitive tools to adjust the pitch, sharpness, volume, and modulation of the masking sound.

    After customizing the masking sound using the BeHear app, you can activate and deactivate it directly from the BeHear SMARTO device.

    SMARTO in brief: Handheld or body-worn personal hearing amplifier Can be used "out-of-the-box" or programmed based on hearing test Provides up to 70dB of hearing amplification Comes with two types of wired headsets: "on-ear" and "in-ear" Use for live conversations, mobile calls, and streamed audio from a mobile phone, TV, computer, or music player Includes built-in tinnitus sound therapy

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    3 from 5

    Zu viele Nebengeräusche über das Mikro weil es im Kabel ist und nicht in der Station. Von daher ist es nur als Notbehelf zu nutzen.

    • +Gute Qualität
    • -Zu starke Nebengeräusche
    Posted by: Gerd on 22 February 2024

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    Behear SMARTO - Help with hearing - Streamer
    € 199,-
    Behear SMARTO - Help with hearing - Streamer
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