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    Signia QuickGuard filters

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    The new Signia Connexx QuickGuard Filters from Signia/Siemens are intended as replacements for the HF 4 filters, specifically designed for custom earmolds. (Please note that these filters are not compatible with Signia/Siemens hearing aids.)... Show more

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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    Product description

    Signia prohibits the use of HF4 filters with its own QuickGuard filters.

    These wax filters ensure that hearing aids remain moisture and wax-resistant for an extended period. They actively prevent liquids from entering the receiver, thus protecting the electronics. This protection is achieved through the nanocoating of both the QuickGuard and HF4 filters.

    Are these QuickGuard filters easy to use?

    Yes, while the old HF4 filters required a twisting motion to remove them, this is no longer necessary with the QuickGuard filters. It is recommended to remove the last HF4 filter using the available tool. After that, you can easily use the QuickGuard filters.

    Furthermore, the sound quality is not affected when using Signia QuickGuard filters, just like with the HF4 filters, until the filter is filled with cerumen up to 90%.

    The new packaging is universal and can be used for both left and right hearing aids.

    The result:

    - Longer lifespan
    - Improved performance
    - Higher customer satisfaction

    The number of filters in the new packaging is 8 pieces. Obviously, the size of the Signia QuickGuard Filters is exactly the same as that of the HF4 filter.


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    Prima product !

    Posted by: Anne-Marie on 23 February 2024
    5 from 5

    Prima, in gebruik!

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    • +Gebruik
    Posted by: Rudolf Terschegget on 1 February 2024
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