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    Power One Evolution 312 Premium Battery

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    Product description

    Power One 312 Evolution Brown Batteries - Powerful Energy for Hearing Aids

    Are you looking for reliable and high-quality batteries for your hearing aid? Look no further because the Power One 312 (PR41) Evolution brown batteries are exactly what you need. These batteries are specially designed to meet the energy requirements of modern hearing aids and deliver unparalleled performance. In this comprehensive product description, we'll take you into the world of Power One 312 Evolution batteries and highlight the benefits they offer to hearing aid users.

    Specifications of Power One 312 Evolution Batteries:

    The Power One 312 Evolution batteries are so-called "312" batteries, which refer to their standard size. They measure 7.9 mm in diameter and 3.6 mm in height. These batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.45 volts and provide consistent energy to optimize the performance of your hearing aid. With high-quality zinc-air chemistry and a long lifespan, users can rely on dependable performance throughout long days.

    Advantages of Power One 312 Evolution Batteries:

    1. Long Lifespan: One of the most prominent advantages of Power One 312 Evolution batteries is their impressive lifespan. They last longer than many other hearing aid batteries on the market, reducing the frequency of battery replacements. This means less hassle and more peace of mind.

    2. Reliable Performance: These batteries are designed for consistent and reliable performance. The zinc-air chemistry ensures a stable power supply to your hearing aid, resulting in clear and uninterrupted sound. No more unexpected failures or interruptions during important conversations or activities.

    3. Environmentally Friendly: Power One is committed to sustainability and environmental friendliness. These batteries are mercury-free and meet the highest environmental standards. When you use Power One 312 Evolution batteries, you contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

    4. Easy Handling: Power One 312 Evolution batteries are packaged in a convenient blister pack. Each battery is individually wrapped, making them easy to handle. Furthermore, the brown color of the battery serves as a clear identifier for users.

    5. Convenient Storage: The blister packaging is also convenient for storing unused batteries. The packaging is compact and easily fits in your bag or pocket, ensuring you always have spare batteries on hand when needed.

    6. Suitable for Various Hearing Aids: Power One 312 Evolution batteries are suitable for a wide range of hearing aids, making them versatile and compatible with different brands and models.

    7. Advanced Technology: The "Evolution" in the name refers to the advanced technology integrated into these batteries. They are designed to meet the requirements of modern hearing aids, including those with wireless connectivity and advanced sound processing.

    In summary, Power One 312 Evolution batteries offer the perfect combination of durability, reliability, and performance for hearing aid users. With a long lifespan and environmentally friendly features, they ensure that your hearing aid functions optimally wherever you are. Trust Power One for all your hearing aid battery needs and experience the difference in sound quality and convenience. With these high-quality batteries, you'll never have to worry about a dead battery at the wrong moment again. Choose Power One 312 Evolution batteries and enjoy clear and hassle-free hearing all day long.

    Safety data sheet Power One Evolution 13 | English


    Article number
    Power One
    Battery code
    312 (PR48) Brown
    Battery capacity in mAh
    180 mAh
    Battery technology
    3,6 mm
    7,9 mm

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    ik ben er heel tevreden over

    Posted by: karin Plusjé on 16 May 2024
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    De batterijtjes hebben een langere lip wat voor wat dikkere vingers bijzonder gemakklijk en plezierig is

    • +Goede prijsverhouding
    • -Bezorging via is rommelig
    Posted by: H. Bloks on 29 November 2023
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    Power One Evolution 312 Premium Battery
    € 1,89
    Power One Evolution 312 Premium Battery
    1 blistersof 6 batteries
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