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    Phonak Roger ON V2

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    Phonak Roger ON V2: It's ON! With Roger ON from Phonak, you bring the conversation closer. Roger On is a microphone specially developed for all conversations with background noise and over distance.... Show more
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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    Product description

    Roger On V2: Use it every day and enjoy pristine sound directly in your hearing aids

    With Roger ON V2, you can focus on conversations at school, at work or in your private environment. You always have a microphone at your disposal that helps you understand people. Whether in a small group or over longer distances (such as at lectures) Roger ON supports you and helps you understand speech better. The successor to the Roger PEN! For Paradise hearing aids, you can listen in Stereo. (Note: Roger receivers required in the hearing aids or Roger Neckloop via telecoil).

    You choose: Full automatic or total control

    The Roger ON Automatically switches between different microphone modes depending on whether the device is on a table, buckled on clothing or in your hand, super simple and straightforward.

    Do you hear where speech comes from?

    Well, the Roger On does! With its MultiBeam technology 2.0, ON allows you to determine the direction of incoming speech and automatically selects the person who is speaking, supporting you during conversations. Just automatically without you having to wonder for one second what you should be listening to.

    You can put your focus on 1 person speaking. The rest is less important

    Interview mode 2.0 uses three microphones in a row so you can concentrate on one person or in a group conversation where there is background noise. Roger ON handles this microphone directly and independently as needed. Wow.

    When is it best to use Roger On?

    In group discussions

    • During small meetings or family dinners, place the Roger On microphone on the table to capture everyone's voices.At social gatherings
    • When music is playing and people are talking and laughing, interview mode allows you to zoom in on the person talking. How easy is that?

    • Features on the V2 a headset jack and mic function for Teams / Zoom etc.

    At a greater distance

    • In a larger room, the speaker is usually at a distance. If the main speaker wears a Roger On, their speech is transmitted to you.

    For meetings in large groups

    • Use the Roger On as a microphone for the main speaker together with table microphones in a MultiSpeaker Network, in order to hear all participants.

    Roger On can be paired with just about anything with sound coming out of it via the docking station.

    But all kidding aside, the Roger ON, in combination with the Phonak Paradise, and Lumity hearing aids, is capable of reproducing STEREO sound. How cool is that!

    myRogerMic app

    With the myRogerMic app, you can control your Roger On with your smartphone. Through the app, you can adjust your microphone settings to suit your environment and personal preferences.

      • Send the bundle(s) in the direction of the speaker(s) you want to listen to
      • Change microphone mode
      • Damping/damping override
      • View the current device status, such as battery level and current microphone mode.

    Watch the Video about the Roger On and see how to use it in various situations

    As you can see, the Roger On is a very handy tool. Order your Roger ON at



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    Phonak Roger ON V2
    € 1.155,-
    Phonak Roger ON V2
    Color Champage
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