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    Phonak Cerustop 098-0282 filters

    € 6,95
    € 4,85 3-6 days
    Phonak CeruStop Filters with code 098-0282 (8 PU). These cerustop filters are suitable for speakers from Phonak, Unitron, Resound and Widex. Also for custom-made earpieces.... Show more

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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    Product description

    Phonak Cerustop Filters

    Phonak Cerustop filters original with code 098-0282 (8 PU)

    8 black sticks with white filters in a grey blister with a cardboard outer box bearing the code 098-0282 (8 PU) and with Cerustop on the front.

    With one end of the stick, you can remove the filter and the other end has a new filter.

    How do I replace a Cerustop filter?

    1. Take a filter stick from the blister.
    2. Remove the dome from the hearing aid
    3. Insert the stick into the filter to be changed
    4. Gently pull the filter out of the speaker
    5. Turn over the filter stick and push the new filter into the speaker
    6. Using a cleaning cloth, clean the dome thoroughly and replace it.

    Watch our instructional video on how to change your Phonak Cerustop filters.


    Article number
    098-0282 (8 PU)

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    5 from 5

    Gewoon goed.

    Posted by: Ria van Harte on 19 April 2024
    5 from 5

    Goed product, met schappelijke prijs. Zeer snelle levering.

    Posted by: MCT Robbrecht-van Ombergen on 10 April 2024
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    Phonak Cerustop 098-0282 filters
    € 6,95
    € 4,85
    Phonak Cerustop 098-0282 filters
    Original Phonak
    3-6 days
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