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    Bellman Maxi classic Listening Aid incl. Induction loop and TV kit BE8046

    € 285,95 3-6 days
    Bellman Maxi is a revolutionary listening aid that improves sound and understanding in difficult situations. The Maxi is easy to use and works perfectly in most cases.... Show more

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    Product description

    Bellman Maxi Hearing Aid

    The Maxi is specifically designed for individuals who desire a user-friendly listening aid with large buttons and clear visibility.

    The Bellman Maxi is available in several different configurations:

    • BE2020 comes only with headphones.
    • BE8045 includes headphones, earbuds, and a TV kit.
    • BE8046 includes a loop neck coil and a TV kit.

    Listening with a T-coil

    Many public venues, such as concert halls, theaters, and churches, are equipped with loop systems. In these locations, the Bellman Maxi captures the sound using the built-in T-coil. Simply activate the T-coil in these environments for crystal-clear movie, music, or speaker sound.

    Connecting a TV (or another audio source)

    Maxi has a 2.5mm stereo headphone jack that can be used for stereo TV listening. The digital signal processing in Maxi adjusts the amplification to ensure low signal levels are always clearly audible. The unique mix function ("push-to-listen") makes it easy to switch between the connected signal source and the microphone. This feature is handy, for example, when having a conversation while watching TV.

    Feedback Manager

    The adaptive feedback manager is specially designed for use in sound environments where listening conditions change. The feedback manager is automatically activated when the internal microphone is selected and quickly adapts to variations, such as when a user moves or the headphone position changes relative to the internal microphone.

    The feedback manager continuously analyzes the input signal to detect feedback and eliminates it by changing the phase and amplitude of the output signal. This typically occurs even before the user experiences a buildup of feedback, meaning the feedback manager usually does not affect audio quality.

    Additional Features

    • Balance Control adjusts the balance between the left and right ear to compensate for more severe hearing loss in one ear.
    • Bass Reduction is used to minimize low-frequency interference generated by fans, traffic, or roads.
    • The included clip allows you to comfortably wear the Bellman Maxi on a belt or sleeve, and the included strap allows you to hang it around your neck.

    Hearing Aid with Superb Ease of Use

    The Maxi's specially coated housing significantly reduces contact sounds. Users are pleasantly surprised by the special Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology, which enhances understanding. The Bellman Maxi filters background noise and clarifies speech. This hearing aid is also recommended in speech therapy practices.

    Using the Maxi is intuitive. Simply point the omnidirectional microphone in the direction of the person talking or the sound you want to amplify. Bellman Maxi's advanced digital algorithm automatically recognizes and amplifies speech while simultaneously filtering out unwanted background noise to make listening a pleasurable experience.

    Bellman Maxi: Strong in One-on-One Conversations

    With the Bellman Maxi, you have a superb speech amplifier with minimal sound processing. This benefits individuals with reduced speech understanding.

    Digital Signal Processing:

    • Built-in omnidirectional electret condenser microphone with digital noise reduction for clear sound.
    • 10-channel compressor with dynamic range.
    • 10-channel dynamic noise reduction.
    • Adaptive feedback manager (anti-whistle system).
    • High-contrast LED display for clear volume and tone indication.
    • Unique soft-grip housing for extremely low operating noise.
    • Up to 150 hours of battery life for trouble-free operation.
    • Additional stereo signal 2.5mm jack.
    • Headphone stereo 3.5mm jack.
    • High-capacity line output for earphones/headphones and neck loop (sold separately).
    • Lockable T-coil mode for listening with loop pad or neck loop.
    • Push-to-listen function for mixing line input with microphone input.
    • Large ergonomic buttons with clear indication for easy operation.
    • Uses two AA alkaline batteries (included).

    Bellman Maxi is available with headphones or loop coil and the TV kit for use with hearing aids equipped with a T-switch. Click here for the Bellman Maxi listening aid manual.


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    BE8046 / 9552

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    Bellman Maxi classic Listening Aid incl. Induction loop and TV kit BE8046
    € 285,95
    Bellman Maxi classic Listening Aid incl. Induction loop and TV kit BE8046
    incl. Induction loop and TV kit
    3-6 days
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