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    Audinell Odinell ear spray

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    Odinell ear spray gently cleans the ear canal without propellant gas or cold sensations. Chamomile extract soothes irritation from hearing aids. Regular use keeps ears clean and aids optimal.... Show more

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    Product description

    Odinell ear spray is a gentle isotonic cleaning solution containing surfactants. It is designed to clean the ear canal effectively and gently without using propellant gas, avoiding any unpleasant cold sensations during use. This makes Odinell ear spray a comfortable and user-friendly option for daily ear care.

    A key ingredient in Odinell ear spray is chamomile extract, known for its soothing properties. This extract helps to reduce irritation often caused by the daily use of hearing aids, keeping the skin in the ear canal healthy and less prone to irritation.

    Regular use of Odinell ear spray, recommended once or twice a week, offers several benefits. Firstly, it helps to keep the ear canal clean, which is essential for good ear hygiene. Additionally, it prevents the buildup of earwax, which can be uncomfortable and affect the performance of hearing aids. By keeping the ear canal free of earwax, Odinell ear spray can contribute to the optimal functioning of hearing aids, resulting in a better hearing experience.


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    Ordered before 4:00 PM? Shipped immediately on working days *
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